Inclusive history just got more colorful!

Step into a world of history and activism with our engaging and educational Stonewall Uprising Activity Book, designed especially for young changemakers. This unique activity book is perfect for kids aged 4-12 and features a variety of fun and educational activities, including coloring pages, word searches, and paper doll cutouts of key figures from the Stonewall Uprising.

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    Kids Aged 5+

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  • "With so many states passing mandates about teaching history from underrepresented groups, these puzzles have an opportunity to fill a need as an educational product."

    - Charlotte T., Mom + Educator
  • The Activity & Coloring books are great for kids (and adults) of all ages. It comes with a caregivers guide and a kid-friendly overview of the Stonewall Uprising. I also like that the pages are not double sided so it’s marker-friendly.

    - Amanda D., Mom + Educator
  • Rose and Rajiv are incredibly thoughtful and engaging presenters. Their professional development opportunity gave staff a chance to explore the Historicons puzzles and practice navigating difficult conversations. We’re excited to use the puzzles and diversify our DEIB resources. We’re so grateful for their time and collaboration, their commitment to celebrating diversity, empowering kids, and creating a more inclusive world!

    - Lauren Baker, DEIB Committee, The Gateway School
  • "This is a phenomenal resource to engage young learners about the diverse, robust world in which we live. I am building an anti-racist curriculum for my school. Having resources like Historicons is essential to build a world full of both windows and mirrors, for kids to see into different identities and have their own reflected back."

    - Rohini R., Principal
  • "These puzzles are the best! My kid loved the different shapes and I loved the magnetized tidiness. For me, being able to engage together as we learned about the 504 Sit-In was amazing."

    - Nichole C., Mom
  • “As I worked with my grandson to put the puzzle together, I, too, was learning about these important events in history and the legacy the figures have left today. Bravo!”

    - Maria F., Grandma
  • "Our favorite aspects were the substance of the content and link to technology. The QR code made a handy way of learning more about the significance of the events."

    - Ned B., Dad
  • "These colorful puzzles brought our family together! It was not only fun to construct but also led to a discussion about LGBTQ+ history and individual rights, and as a gay dad that was really meaningful."

    - Mark B., Dad
  • "When we opened the puzzle, three generations of our family were present. Toys that can engage different generations at the same time are so rare!"

    - Andy H., Dad

Embark on a historical adventure that spans generations and cultures.

Our puzzles are more than just a game—they're a learning resource. Ideal for aligning with educational mandates on teaching history from underrepresented groups, they are essential tools for building a more inclusive and knowledgeable future.

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