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Disability Icon Judy Heumann Unboxes the 504 Sit-In Puzzle!

  • "With so many states passing mandates about teaching history from underrepresented groups, these puzzles have an opportunity to fill a need as an educational product."

    - Charlotte T., Mom + Educator
  • "This is a phenomenal resource to engage young learners about the diverse, robust world in which we live. I am building an anti-racist curriculum for my school. Having resources like Historicons is essential to build a world full of both windows and mirrors, for kids to see into different identities and have their own reflected back."

    - Rohini R., Principal
  • "These puzzles are the best! My kid loved the different shapes and I loved the magnetized tidiness. For me, being able to engage together as we learned about the 504 Sit-In was amazing."

    - Nichole C., Mom
  • “As I worked with my grandson to put the puzzle together, I, too, was learning about these important events in history and the legacy the figures have left today. Bravo!”

    - Maria F., Grandma
  • "Our favorite aspects were the substance of the content and link to technology. The QR code made a handy way of learning more about the significance of the events."

    - Ned B., Dad
  • "These colorful puzzles brought our family together! It was not only fun to construct but also led to a discussion about LGBTQ+ history and individual rights, and as a gay dad that was really meaningful."

    - Mark B., Dad
  • "When we opened the puzzle, three generations of our family were present. Toys that can engage different generations at the same time are so rare!"

    - Andy H., Dad
Illustration depicting how Historicons puzzle games works. At the top is various unique shaped puzzle pieces, including a star, heart, and more. Below is an illustration of a puzzle with a QR code. A phone scanning the QR code links to Historicons website


Historians have to piece clues together to learn about the past. Now it's your turn! Team up with a group or buddy to investigate what happened at the historical event featured in the puzzle.


Piece together lesser-told history

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