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Changing the Face of Toys & Games: A Look Inside Historicons’ Diversity Efforts!

A smarter way to connect...educational and interactive group puzzles that empower kids using diverse narratives of U.S. History.


27 October 2021

For immediate release

Contact: Rajiv Fernandez, Co-Founder |

We were puzzled by the lack of diversity in our toys, so we did something

In a viral survey that we put out earlier this year, we found that over 90% of parents want toys and games for their kids that reflect diversity, but only 60% of them feel prepared to discuss topics of diversity and identity with their kids. So we set out to create one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzles that celebrate historic events that are often left out of our history books, while also equipping families with tools to guide age-appropriate discussions on diversity and identity. Each puzzle was designed to encourage inquiry and investigative group play, and links to a glossary of terms, discussion guides, and resources to help parents/educators break down topics on identity and diversity.

The Debut Collection

Our first collection of puzzles illustrates three tales of extraordinary historic events and the people who made them happen.

  • Illustrated historical events of The 504 Sit-In, The Little Rock Nine, and The Stonewall Uprising
  • QR code integrated technology to take you to our online education platform, “HI School”
  • 45-piece 8.3x10” magnetic backed, custom-shaped jigsaw puzzle made from 90% recycled paper and VOC-free ink
  • Smart toy design, made by child development and education experts to promote fine motor development, critical thinking skills, long term memory, empathy, and positive identity development

Kickstarter Campaign - LIVE now!

Our Kickstarter campaign is live for our first collection of puzzles through November 25, 2021. Three puzzles are available for pre-order: celebrating LGBTQ+ History, Disability History, and Black History. Rewards range from choice of one puzzle ($25) to a classroom pack of 12 puzzles and lesson plans ($300). Here is a link to the live campaign: Historicons on Kickstarter.

What Parents and Educators are saying

"With so many states passing mandates about teaching history from underrepresented groups, these puzzles have an opportunity to fill a need as an educational product." ⏤Charlotte Taylor, Educator

This is a phenomenal resource to engage young learners about the diverse, robust world in which we live. I am building an anti-racist curriculum for my school. Having resources like Historicons is essential to build a world full of both windows and mirrors, for kids to see into different identities and have their own reflected back.” ⏤Rohini Ramnath, School Principal

“These colorful puzzles brought our family together! It was not only fun to construct but also led to a discussion about LGBTQ+ history and individual rights, and as a gay dad that was really meaningful.” ⏤Mark Bearak, Dad

About Historicons

Rose and Rajiv here, two friends on a mission to create kids' toys that celebrate the diverse world they live in. Growing up, we rarely felt represented in the toys or media around us, or even in our history books, giving us little exposure to role models who were like us (disabled, female, queer, child of immigrants, etc.). Recognizing that this remains the reality for many kids in America, we founded Historicons, a puzzle company that celebrates diversity by using historical events and icons to represent, educate, and empower kids. Thanks for following along, as we grow and collaborate with other members of historically excluded groups, to piece together a more inclusive world.

Click here to read more about our co-founders and our Education Consultant, Deonna Smith, an educational justice activist and influencer.

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