Historicons Parent Advisory Board

  • At Historicons, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration and understanding our customers on a deeper level. That's why we are launching our first ever Parent Advisory Board.

Why We Think This is Important

As we continue to grow, we recognize the significance of involving our customers in shaping our future. We believe that all stories should be told, and everyone deserves a voice. The establishment of our Parent Advisory Board is an exciting step towards fostering collaboration, gaining valuable insights, and ensuring that our offerings truly resonate with and improve the lives of families and their children.

Who You Are

We are looking for parents with children aged 5-12 years old who are passionate about promoting age-appropriate discussion of race and identity (i.e., disability, gender identity and/or sexual orientation) with their children.

How It Will Work

Our Parent Advisory Board, consisting of 8-10 diverse parents who align with our parent customer persona, serves as the cornerstone of our co-development approach. Through four 60-minute Zoom meetings, we will actively engage with our board members to shape our product development and brand strategy, ensuring that we address the pain points and preferences of our target parent customers.

The Format of the Board and Sessions

The meeting schedule will cover a range of vital topics, including problem validation, impact modeling, solution validation, quality improvement, and marketing. During these sessions, we actively involve members in envisioning the future of our products, exploring brand and product options, discussing pricing, reviewing new product plans, and improving existing products.


Session 1 (Sept 2023): Problem Validation: Learning your pain points around raising socially-conscious children, and discussing diversity, equity, and inclusion as a parent


Session 2 (Oct 2023): Our Impact Model: Learning what you want your children and family hope to gain from interacting with Historicons products


Session 3 (Nov 2023): Solution Validation: Envisioning the future of Historicons, including product offerings, brand direction, quality improvement, and pricing


Session 4 (Dec 2023): Marketing: Establishing buy-in for Historicons products via packaging and advertising

Each 60 minute session will take place the first week of the month. (Please complete the form below to indicate your availability.) Dr. Rose Perry, our co-founder and board lead, will develop questions tailored to specific sessions, facilitating focused and productive discussions. It is our intent to provide a platform for our advisory board to meaningfully influence the direction, success, and social impact of our offerings.


Your Feedback - and How It Will Be Included

Our board will operate on a majority rules voting structure, ensuring efficient decision-making while respecting diverse viewpoints. Each member will carry equal voting weight, fostering equality and inclusion within our advisory board. We deeply value the voices and perspectives of our advisory board, recognizing their invaluable contribution to our growth and success.

Customers happy with our product

Fill a need as an educational product

"With so many states passing mandates about teaching history from underrepresented groups, these puzzles have an opportunity to fill a need as an educational product."

Charlotte T., Mom + Educator

Resource to engage young learners

"This is a phenomenal resource to engage young learners about the diverse, robust world in which we live. I am building an anti-racist curriculum for my school. Having resources like Historicons is essential to build a world full of both windows and mirrors, for kids to see into different identities and have their own reflected back."

Rohini R., Principal

Being able to engage together as we learn

"These puzzles are the best! My kid loved the different shapes and I loved the magnetized tidiness. For me, being able to engage together as we learned about the 504 Sit-In was amazing."

Nichole C., Mom

Learning about these events in history

“As I worked with my grandson to put the puzzle together, I, too, was learning about these important events in history and the legacy the figures have left today. Bravo!”

Maria F., Grandma

handy way of learning more about the significance of the events

"Our favorite aspects were the substance of the content and link to technology. The QR code made a handy way of learning more about the significance of the events."

Ned B., Dad

Interested in the Next Steps?

By joining our Parent Advisory Board, you become an integral part of Historicons' journey, contributing your unique perspective as a parent and helping us create exceptional learning experiences for children. We highly value your input, and together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of parents and their children while shaping the future of Historicons. To take the next step, please complete the following application, and we will share materials that accurately describe the board's purpose and expectations with chosen applicants ahead of our inaugural meeting in August All selected applicants will receive a free Historicons puzzle, as well as free early access to future Historicons product offerings. Join our Parent Advisory Board today and be an integral part of shaping the future of Historicons while gaining exclusive benefits and the satisfaction of making a meaningful difference in the lives of parents and their children.

This week only!

Historicons Parent Advisory Board Application Form

Our Story and How We've Reached This Point

Historicons is a company dedicated to creating engaging and educational experiences that celebrate lesser-told history and culture. We deeply understand the importance of storytelling and the profound impact it can have on children's lives. Our journey began 3 yearswhen our founders, Rajiv and Rose, recognized a significant gap in learning tools that help families discuss race, gender, disability and other identity traits with children in an age-appropriate way. Motivated to fill this void, they embarked on a mission to create fun and interactive learning tools that uncover overlooked, diverse stories from history, that serve as a springboard for learning and discussion around identity and diversity for parents and their children. Since our inception, Historicons has experienced steady growth and garnered recognition for our innovative products (see our feature in Authority Magazine). We have developed a diverse range of puzzles and learning materials that bring history to life for children of all ages. Our products have been widely embraced by parents, educators, and children, becoming popular choices in schools, homes, and museums.


  • Number of products developed: 3
  • Customers served: Over 1,000 families
  • Online presence: Traffic reach of 500,000+ engaged parents and educators
  • RecognitionThroughout Our Journey

    Historicons has been honored to receive recognition for our contributions to the toy and education industries. Some of the recognition we have received include:

  • Free participation in Forbes EQ BrandVoice. Read our Forbes articles here.
  • Unrestricted grant support from the Antares REACH Grant Program for Small Businesses
  • Pro-bono PR support from MWW